Historical Restoration

Historical Renovation ContractingLooking for Historical Restoration Contractors? DW Mcalister Contracting specializes in historical renovation and preservation.We do additions and repairs on historic homes and buildings throughout Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas and Colorado. Our restorations and preservations blend seamlessly with the architectural style period details of the historic structure, while adding the modern convenience, energy efficiency and comfort of modern living… that you need today.

Turn to the experts, DW Mcalister Contracting, to preserve your home or building’s historical character, longevity and value.

Jobs Completed:
The Stanley Hotel – Estes Park,Colorado
Circle H Lodge – Granby, Colorado
Steven F. Austin Hotel – Austin, Texas
Museums of Mississippi  – Mississippi

There is a great difference in historical renovation and historical preservation.

Historical renovation usually involves totally restoring an old building or home with the most modern techniques. Sometimes disregarding any historical significants. For most part it’s  done with no respect to the period of the building. Commercial projects tend to only pay their respects on the exterior and common area.

Historical preservation is something different all together.This type of work is focused on preserving the original fabrics of the building or home. The rule of thumb is  when things have to be replaced is to replace like with like. Their is no substitutes allowed. These projects require a great deal of knowledge to the period of the  local craftsmen and the tools available at the time.